Tales of Team Hades!



name: Pamela Claire Eisenhart,
alias: "Peaches"

age: 16
height: 6' 2" (as Peaches) around 6' 6" (in various 'Statuesque' forms)

powers: tactile matter absorption/metamorphosis/mimicry.
Statuesque can transform her body into an animated, superstrong 'golem' of almost any solid or semisolid matter that she touches. Gold, for instance, as pictured below:
Other abilities: Peaches Eisenhart has a high aptitude for auto mechanics.





'Peaches' Eisenhart is a somewhat nerdy amazon and tactile matter absorber/metamorph who can transform herself into an ambulatory, superstrong and density-intensive version of herself, comprised of whatever material she touches. 
Though she most often transforms into concrete or metal, as it can be found most abundantly in the urban settings of the modern world, she can transform herself into almost any solid or even semisolid matter - organic or inorganic. Superstrong and extremely durable even in her base human form, those traits are amplified even more to varying degrees depending on the material she absorbs. 
Statuesque is no brainless brutal bruiser. Instead, she actually wants to make the world a better place - - through forcibly taking choice and agency and power from those who would so readily abuse it, that she deems undeserving. She ultimately wants to force people to get along for their own good, and knows that modern "freedom" is something everyone is willing to fight for -- in order to keep abusing it. Despite her imposing stature and strength and aims, she is actually a delightful, sunny person to be around, in general and very protective of young children. God help you if she sees you mistreating a small child - be you hero, villain, friend or foe.

She is best friends with teammate, Moshpit, as they both share a love of the hard rock and heavy metal music of the past as well as various flavors of pop culture nerdery.

Statuesque hates transforming into gasses or liquids. Although she is totally capable of doing so, each material she absorbs has a certain 'taste'/feeling. Solids don't really affect her mindstate, but liquids produce a somewhat narcotic effect to her brain. Her perceptions shift and when she transforms back, she is temporarily disoriented. She also fears that if she transforms into a gas, she will be discorporated permanently. Also, she transforms, but her clothing does not, thus, transforming into gasses and liquids can be a bit embarrassing if she is forced to transform back to normal sans her clothing.
-Like the other members of Team Hades, Statuesque abhors the stereotypes and small-mindedness associated with being a high schooler - in particular, being a big girl of advanced height, taking auto shop as an elective and with Mo "Moshpit" Karlsberg (an out and proud bi girl) as her best friend, many in her school mistakenly believe her to be a lesbian. Even her own mother, Denise, believes this despite her daughter's protests. That, and the girls gym coach, Ms. Dixon, keeps trying everything from subtle coercion to not-so-subtle threats to try and force the poor girl to join the girl's basketball team, though Peaches has absolutely no interest in playing sports.