Tales of Team Hades!





name: Skylar Lorraine Wyndham
age: 16
height: malleable. (as Skylar Wyndham - 5' 11")

powers: Serpentyne is a rather powerful metamorph. Though she generally uses her abilites to stretch and morph individual sections of her body at any given time, she is able to change size, color and density at will. 
other abilities: A swift and rather capable  mechanic, amateur computer hacker and is working on becoming a world-class mimic. Serpentyne also likes to write and paint in her spare time. Her current writing project is a semi-secret diary/memoir of her adventures as a young supervillainess.

Skylar Wyndham is a young villainess who was a one-time archenemy of teenage Connecticut superheroes, The ThrillSeekers, particularly the ThrillSeeker known as "Recoil", who possesses much the same powers as Serpentyne herself.
She is also a sworn enemy of expatriate British superhero, Steadfast, aka Malcolm Wilkins, whom, unbeknownst to him, is her own hated step-father.

Serpentyne, whose actual father is one of Steadfast's old enemies, Donald Wyndham, also known as Draconic, resents her new stepdad for not only imprisoning her beloved father, but also seducing and marrying her mother and uprooting her entire life. Despite her being relatively happy in Northbrook, Illinois, having befriended Riot Rabbit and the rest of Team Hades, she will do anything it takes to achieve her long-term goal of eventually destroying her stepfather and/or breaking her dad out of prison.

She hates the 'stretchy superhero = comedic clown' trope. Though she comes off as sort of a "Barbie Girl" in her civilian life, this is a deliberately crafted persona in order to fit in and go 'under the radar' as a supervillain. Her Serpentyne persona is, as well, deliberately dark and gothy. She wants to be scary by way of capitalizing on herpetophobia. (She likes snakes. Most others, she finds, DON'T.) Also, due to high school harrassment for the body she naturally blossomed into during puberty, she deliberately morphs her body as Serpentyne to present as 'flat' so as to not be labelled a 'bimbo' as she is rather curvy in her civilian life and high schoolers can be very jealous, libidinous and cruel.

She befriended Randy Norville on the first day of her sophomore year in high school after her family moved to the Northbrook suburb of Chicago, and they've been tight ever since. They revealed their superpowers to one another about three months into their friendship and she was the first one he recruited to commit crimes with him once he found out that she'd already had a past as a powered criminal and general dislike of superheroes, and didn't wish to use her powers to become one. It was initially her idea to find others like themselves and form a supervillain group.

Serpentyne is a very powerful and gifted metamorph. Not only is she 'stretchy', but she can also metamorph into other people and objects of a certain size and mass. She cannot shift herself too much smaller or larger than her base form without physical harm. She can twist herself into just about any shape, and changes color easily, yet, she can only stretch but so far. She can also shift her molecular density to become either lighter/liquified, or heavier and more solid. She does not have total density control, as, she cannot become intangible, nor can she become 'diamond-hard', but, her level of power does help her at least partially attain a portion of the physical properties of some of the stronger materials.

Her very favorite movie in the world is Beetlejuice, thus, she is a huge fan of Tim Burton and his various projects; also of Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Denny Elfman and Oingo Boingo.
When she grows up, she wants to be a writer. She has already started jotting down the skeleton of her autobiography, at the tender age of 16.
She deliberately spells her name with a "Y", and pronounces Serpentyne with the long "I" sound (The "British" pronunciation) as a subtle dig at her step-father.