Tales of Team Hades!

Riot Rabbit



Name: Randall Leonard Norville, Jr.

age: 16
height: 5' 9"

superpower: hyperenhanced strength, speed, agility, spatial awareness; ability to open teleportals, which he calls "Rabbit Holes" anywhere within his line-of-sight, or to any generalized area that he has been before where his powers synched to the coordinates, Riot Rabbit has a practically preternatural sense of direction and equilibrium. He does not become dizzy, disoriented, lost or motion sick easily.

Additional abilities: Has been studying martial arts since age 4. Black belt in kung-fu, karate and kendo. Currently studying jeet-kun do and muy thai.


-Coming from a family with a history of 'special crimes', Randy Norville has no compunctions about using his superpowers and martial arts prowess for personal gain. Though not necessarily violent, he can and will put the big hurt on anyone who stands in the way of his goals or harms his friends and loved ones. Though he, as a modern gay teenager, absolutely hates the stereotypes assigned to his kind by society, he does love the camp and spectacle of supervillainy, with it's outrageous costumes and over the top antics. His best friend, Skylar Wyndham, aka Serpentyne, genuinely believes that he's at least a little bit certifiably insane.

Randy is the grandson of Leonard Norville, the original Red Rabbit (A 'Silver Age' style villain, active from the late 50's to the early 80's, whose elaborate crimes revolved around the theme of famous and/or fictional rabbits, - Chinese Zodiac, Brer Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, The White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, etc.)

Randy is also the son of Randall Leonard Norville, Sr., aka "Rumble Rabbit", an admittedly C-list supervillain in the early 80's to the early 2000's, who started out as a henchman for his father.
The son of Red Rabbit, Rumble was also a gifted engineer and weapons maker that later fancied himself a superpowered vandal and anarchist. At the initial wane of his criminal career, he volunteered to have his DNA modified to give him superstrength. The process worked, but even then, Randall Sr. was still not the most successful villain.
Randy's mother, Linda Conway-Norville, was also a hench-woman to Red Rabbit, among others, called The Jackalope. Though she had no superpowers and didn't want any, she was still a very dangerous woman, being a former Navy SEAL who had gone rogue and spent a few years as a very successful mercenary. Extremely skilled at hand to hand combat and firearms, she was not to be underestimated. She STILL isn't - particularly when it comes to protecting her family.
In a combo of the motivations of his predecessors, Riot Rabbit does the supervillain 'thing' for the rush, the 'art' and the camp of it. Often, when operating solo, he is engaged in more "performance art vandalism" than hard crime, even though he'll be the first to admit that he enjoys the money.
He and Serpentyne decided to form a supervillain team after one time too many times almost getting busted by the cops and various superhero groups. He knew that few adults would take orders from a then-15 year old, so, after doing his exhaustive research with the help of his fraternal twin, Joey, he "collected" other self-styled teen villains and younger enemies of various supers from in and around his area and decided to form Team Hades, starting with his best friend, Skylar Wyndham, aka Serpentyne.

Despite being jovial and somewhat campy, Riot Rabbit is a fairly cynical pragmatist. Following in the footsteps of the "Family Business" notwithstanding and being a dyed-in-the-wool comic book superhero fan from his youth, he became very disillusioned with the idea of being a hero from overexposure to the overewhelming and utterly unfair hardships (both fictional and 'real' to his world) of being a hero and decided that the entire enterprise was "for suckers" - BEFORE he even found out what his parents and grandfather did for a 'living' before he ws born!