Tales of Team Hades!





name: Moriah Maureen Karlsberg
aka: "Mo"

height: 5' 7"

powers: mystically generated self-replication; enhanced strength, agility.
Other abilities: Textile and Mechanical aptitudes.

Moriah Maureen Karlsberg, 'Mo' to her friends, is a bit of a tomboy. She and her extended family are among the last modern worshippers of the Norse Dwarven God of War, Jognir.
Moshpit was initially an enemy of the Great Lakes area unofficial teenage superteam led by the superhero known as TigerMoth until her family moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois when she was 14.

It is her destiny to someday 'singlehandedly' take over the world in her god's name, though, she is delighted to have found like-minded people her own age to associate with. Her great-uncle, Herman Karlsberg, was previously the last deeply devout worshipper of Jognir in Mo's family to weild the same powerful boons of the god. He is currently rotting away in the psych ward of the Key Lucifer Metahuman Penetentiery, having gone schizophrenic with only his own replicants for company for far too long a time. He became a danger to himself, others and strayed from his divine purpose. Mo's worst fear is ending up like him, thus, she will often rely more on her superhuman strength, agility  and toughness as her primary powerset, and bust out her replicants mainly in the heat of battle, to cover her civilian secret identity or when absolutely necessary to meet her given goals. She does, however, hate being alone, even sleeping that way, thus, she often shares a bed with her other selves for the sake of warmth and comfort, particularly in the winter.
Each time she vanquishes a foe, Jognir grants her access to another replicant. At present, (during the time of issue one, at any rate) she is able to generate 4 of them aside from her original self, for a total of 5 Moshpits active at any one time.
During the battle with the superpowered Chicago street gang called "Pain Tribe", Moshpit  did battle with the superstrong amazon known as Calamity Jane and killed her, gaining yet another 'Moshpit' replicant.

Every Sunday, situation permitting, Moshpit takes out an hour or two to literally and figuratively 'get her head together' and psionically sort through her other selves' memories and experiences from the preceding week in order to keep her mind on an even keel.
She and her other selves are not quite fully telepathic, but, share a psionic bond that allows her to always have a vague, generalized notion where her others are and their general conditions, physically and emotionally, when split. It also allows her a degree of shared sensory input, such as being able to see through their eyes, briefly.This psionic link is also resistant against telepathic invasion and manipulation. If a telepath is not 'invited' into her mind when spilt into two or more, the connection is "fuzzy" and causes headache and dizziness in the telepath. Of course, it's not exactly pleasant for the Moshpits, either.

TRIVIA: Moshpit's hobbies include cosplay, crafts and tailoring. She created/designed the outer spandex of Lightningbug's costume, as well as Riot Rabbit's suits, to his specs. Statuesque declined to let her friend 'waste time and effort' making a special suit for her, as, she believes that she, being the superstrong one, will get "messed up" most often. Though Stat wears relatively cheap stretchpants and sports bras into battle, Moshpit still takes the time to alter and make her best friend special tops out of supportive, reinforced sports bras, usually with rings, fasteners or other baubles made of materials like stainless steel or cast iron or even marble that Stat can mimic in a pinch if there are no other strong materials available to her on the battlefield. 
Badvibe also initially declined Moshplit's offer of costuming, not being one for tight spandex. Undeterred and loving a challenge, Moshpit crafted him a few hoodies and beanies with his own "crown" logo on them, while he wears his own chosen jeans and sneakers and the goggles made from LightningBug's alien smart-liquid.

Moshpit was the one who came up with codenames for Lightningbug, Badvibe and Statuesque.

Moshpit harbors secret (and not-so-secret) crushes on just about everyone on her team. Though, she is actively engaged in a friends-with-benefits casual relationship with Badvibe, she doesn't actively pursue any of the others as she doesn't want to cause a whole big uncomfortable "thing' within her group... A proud bisexual girl, she is respectful of everyone else's sexualities and social situations. After all, Riot Rabbit is gay. Statuesque and Serpentyne are straight and she believes LightningBug to be asexual, (though, in reality, that's not the case) as she has yet to see him pursue anyone - male, female or otherwise, but she knows he has a 'thing' about PDA, so, he may simply be shy when he's not knuckling up against gods and monsters. Still, she thinks they are all cute in their various ways band would be more than happy to make out with any one of them if that were possible.