Tales of Team Hades!





name:  Andrew Kim Corrigan / A'dru Corg'n
aka: "Drew"

age: 17
height: 6' 1"

powers: Lightningbug's ultra-thin modified alien battlesuit, worn beneath his spandex costume gives him the ability to amplify and channel his natural alien bio-ionic energies into blasts that eminate from his extremities, small scale hardlight projections such as the insectoid wings he uses to travel, simplistic hand weapons, spikes and talons from his hands and feet and small force-shields. The suit also enhances his strength to a peak human degree.
For some genetic reason, being half-human gives Drew a higher, if slightly less controllable degree of bio-energies than the average full-blooded Myrmithaaqi, like his mother. The Myrmithaaqi people put forth a degree of bioenergy that can easily power their specialized battlesuits, weaponry and vehicles. Lightningbug's powers are 3 or 4 times that, and, not always fully contollable without the aid of a Myrmithaaqi battle-sheath. he wears one into battle at all times, beneath the costumes that Moshpit has crafted for him. All the members of Team Hades wear special lenses from the alien battle-vestments in their masks and goggles.they are made of a polarized alien smart-liquid that morphs to fit, emote and allow the wearer to see in the dark, are polarized to protect against blindingly bright light glare and pick up rudimentary heat signatures. There are a few other special abilities of the lenses, but neither Lightningbug nor any of the other members of Team Hades have found them yet.

other abilities: Due to his alien pedigree and lessons from his mother, Lightningbug is somewhat ahead of the curve when it comes to engineering, electronic technologies,  computer sciences, coding and mechanics. He is an A student in those subjects at his high school.



Andrew Corrigan was an easy convert to Riot Rabbit's cause. Having a hatred of superheroes that stems from being the child of a failed alien invader and a human man, 'Bug is angry that his mother Rina's people stranded her on this, a planet that she and her platoon were unable to conquer due to superhero meddling.
Though in love with her human husband and loving their children, she is traumatized that she has been marooned on such a backward and alien planet. Spiralling into depression that she'll never see her beloved extraterrestrial home city of Th'Rallinax on planet Myrmithaaqi again and that the relatively comfortable life she made here on Earth is still a punishment, she has attempted suicide in the past. After all this was explained to LightningBug when he came of age, he dedicated his life and abilities to eventually becoming powerful enough to gather and lead an army of other supers and soldiers to his mother's home planet, Myrmithaaqi, and decimate it's military high command in vengeance for what they did to her, her remaining unit of invaders and by proxy, his whole family. He wants to spare his father David Kim-Corrigan, little sister, Annie and baby brother, Sam, from having to grow up seeing their mother so close to the edge.

TRIVIA: Lightningbug's teammate, Moshpit, gave him the name, "Lightningbug". He was originally calling himself "The Jade Curse", because he thought it sounded 'cool'. Everyone on the team agreed that 'Lightningbug' was a better name, particularly in conversation. Drew still, secretly thinks "Jade Curse" is cool.