Tales of Team Hades!





name: Jacob Russel Edison-Hoskins

age: 16
height: 5' 8"

superpowers: Currently, Badvibe's sonic and vibrational powers afford him the powers of flight, the ability to generate localized earthquakes via sonic based seismic aggravation, phasing through solid matter via vibrating his molecules & a sonic blast/punch. He also absorbs ambient sound to become completely silent, and can 'broadcast/receive sounds over distance. He is currently practicing to cultivate a "personal sonar" effect after reading too many Daredevil comics. He's not quite there, yet. He is also a pretty effective mimic when it comes to impersonating voices and sounds.

Jake Edison-Hoskins was the second one that Riot Rabbit recruited for his team, after Serpentyne.

The sonic vibration generator called "Badvibe" is, in actuality, an artificially birthed composite clone of his mothers' DNA and that of an as-yet unknown deceased superhero. Badvibe chose villainy as a swift and unsupervised way to increase his power and skill without the limitations or oppressive 'mentoring' from condescending superheroes. Having been created (illegally) in a cloning laboratory by his biogeneticist mothers, Martha 'Marti' Hoskins and Patricia Edison (Not their original names), Badvibe had gotten the idea that he was "made" in order to grow up to be a superhero, and though he loves his mothers dearly, he is subconsciously very angry at the thought of not being allowed to choose his own destiny. He eschews the stereotypes associated with being a young super. Truly, he doesn't really care about crime OR crimefighting, but, refuses to be anyone's sidekick or 'ward'. He joined Team Hades out of a desire for the freedom to learn and grow his powers on his own terms. Surprisingly, he found true friends with the other young metahuman thieves, which is why he engages in heists, mercenary work and mayhem-filled battles with cops and superheroes. "On the job training" is a much better teacher than simply 'blasting things in a junkyard'.
Despite his ambivalence at which side of the law he is or should be on, if there is a conscience-fuelled impetus in the back of his mind about being a supervillain, it is that he thinks his mothers would misunderstand his motivations and be disappointed by his actions. On the other hand, he often feels justified in doing what he wishes due to the general treatment he and other teens and/or metahumans and/or African-Americans like him in general receive from society, cops and superheroes on a daily basis.
He is always looking for new ways to expand his horizons as far as the versatility of his powerset. 

Badvibe is currently engaged in a casual "Friends With Benefits" relationship with his teammate, MoshPit. In battle, he is often paired with LightningBug to deliver a devastating tandem blast of his vibro-sonic power with 'Bug's bio-ionic alien energies. The two get along OK in civilian life, though, despite bff pairings of Riot Rabbit with Serpentyne and Moshpit with Statuesque, he and LightningBug don't really hang out together that much without the other kids or consider each other to be their best friends.

Though he can often be seen wearing headphones, and despite his audio-based powerset, Badvibe, ironically, has little to no interest in music, particularly the modern stuff. Most often, the headphones are simply an aesthetic garnish or to be used in order to generate a certain sound or frequency that he may amplify into a vibrational attack.