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1.018 - The Ghost Cat Walks Among Us

28th Jan 2019, 2:33 AM
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1.018 - The Ghost Cat Walks Among Us
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Author Notes:

Xailenrath 28th Jan 2019, 2:33 AM edit delete
The Cartoonist took a little break to work on a commission and a couple of other projects, but, we're back!

Still winding down from their latest gig, Team Hades, in their civilian guises part company and makes their way home.

Skylar, aka Serpentyne really likes using her stretchy/metamorphic powers to present as a snake, it seems.

Mo and Jake, aka Moshpit and Badvibe seem to have a li'l some'm-some'm going on, and Lightningbug is NOT diggin' it. "Peaches", or, Statuesque tries to get him to snap out of it, but, apparently, he's a grumpy bastard.

All the while, the odd little "ghost cat", who seems to be invisible to them all, listens to their every word.